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Formed in 2015, they cite the likes of Blink 182, The 1975 and My Chemical Romance as influences. Known for their trademarked coloured hair, Single By Sunday combine their raucous guitars and energetic live shows with a millennial brashness whilst retaining some of the original mid-eighties Pop Punk attitudes. The band is comprised of Josh Ladds - lead vocals (rhythm guitar), Jonny Eakins - lead guitar (backing vocals) Jack Black - bass guitar (backing vocals) and Simon Drummond - Drums, they are often referred to as the Scottish 5 Seconds of Summer. Their style of melodic Pop Rock allows them to embrace their passion for including other musical styles and genres, e.g. synth pop, dance and even 80s Disco. “We just like to explore music and don’t believe that genres should have boundaries.

Andre Pettipas and The GIants.jpeg


With their 'take no prisoners' live performances, stellar musicianship, and habit of finding grist for the songwriting mill in everything from southern rock to pop and prog, Andre Pettipas and The Giants are a rarity – an act who absolutely refuse to let anything take the fun out of their creative process and performances on record or on stage, and with absolutely no fear of stepping outside of the box to get their message across.

After winning 2017’s Q104 Homegrown Challenge, Andre Pettipas and The Giants showcased at numerous industry shindigs, including Canadian Music Week in Toronto and the 2018 Live at Heart festival in Sweden, and toured relentlessly.

Along the way, they’ve gained a reputation as an incredibly tight live act, and as a band that routinely crank out the kind of eminently hooky, sing a long, anthems that stick in your mind and just won’t let go – a reputation that not only got producer Brian Moncarz’s (Alice Cooper, Our Lady Peace) attention but drew a variety of talented and enthusiastic musical guests to the table on their new album 'No Fools, No Fun.'



Dharma is quite likely the first band in the world to combine ancient and traditional Buddhist sutras with the modern style of death metal.
The band was founded by drummer Jack Tung (Revilement, Demise, Stench of Lust) from Taiwan.
Vocalist Joe Henley (Revilement, Sledge City Slashers, Stench of Lust), from Canada, was later brought on board. Most of the lyrics are sung and screamed in the original Sanskrit, some with a mix of Mandarin Chinese.
Throughout the creative process of the band, the basic tenets of Buddhism were adhered to, with the blessing of a local Buddhist master teacher (Master Song, of Taipei), and all members have taken refuge in the Three Jewels.
Dharma utilizes blast beats and alternate picking to express the furious and dark side of Buddhist scriptures. The inherit ferocity of death metal augments the will of the scriptures to instill within the listener a sense of spiritual relief and undeniable passion through the release of karma.
This brand-new performance style of the Buddhist songs has been undertaken with the goal of spreading the Buddhist culture of Taiwan to the four corners of the world, and to instill in those a sense of peace through the exploration of the sutras in this new form.



Arcana Kings release their latest album Lions as Ravens. With a sound that guarantees to make you move, ‘Arcana Kings’ are a fantastic blend of upbeat stadium rock. Forming in 2015 the AK have developed a strong following around the world with hard rock listeners. AK's not so secret weapon, the bagpipes, sets the band apart and uses the pipes as an extension of the band's sound without making it the focal point. Members include Johnny McCuaig on lead vocals, rhythm guitar and bagpipes, Kevin Kyle bass guitar, James Picton lead guitar, Allan Morrison rhythm guitar and vocals, and Martin Zinger on drums and vocals.

Just imagine the Foo Fighters, AC/DC and The Steve Miller Band all mixed with a touch of Metis spirit and Scottish heritage!

Constantly playing in Canada and USA, the band has begun to take the show to Asia and Europe.

The Canadian Football League’s The Saskatchewan Roughriders use the band's single, Here We Go, (Lions As Ravens) as the teams take the field charge song. Here We Go is quickly becoming a sports anthem with CFL, NHL, and pro basketball across North America with teams like the Winnipeg Jets, Sask Roughriders, and the Saskatoon Rush all officially using the song to pump up the crowd.

The band was also featured as the halftime show for the CFL’s Western Semi Final playoff game at Mosaic stadium in Regina Saskatchewan.

Arcana Kings have been nominated for awards such as Best Music Video, Artist of the Year and Best Rock Song for the Kootenay Music Awards, as well as Best Rock Video for Canadian Independent Music Video Awards and Rock Band of the year at the Saskatchewan Music Awards. Their video was screened at the Yorkton Film festival as well as a major release at the IMAX Theatre in Regina.

My Son The Hurricane


My Son the Hurricane is a multi horn, multi drummer, multi singer brass funk beast. The  Niagara, Ontario 12 piece brass-dance crew has toured over multiple countries and some of Canada, USA and Europe’s biggest festivals. There is no live show like My Son the Hurricane. Featuring trumpets, sax, trombones, drums, guitar, percussion and two wild front-people….we dare you not to dance!

In 2019 the My Son the Hurricane released the full length album “Ride the Bullet” (Vegas Funeral Records) and a 7 month Canada/USA/European tour followed that saw over 60 sold out shows. They’ve been dubbed the “brass beast thrift shop dance circus” and were scheduled (pre virus) to be touring across Canada, USA, Belgium, Romania, Sweden, Norway and Slovenia in 2020. 2021 saw the release of their new single “Mississippi ‘88”. In 2022 the band is booking the wildly busy “Post Pandemic Party Plan Tour” which will tour around the world.

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It's a brave band that taps the emotive range for anxiety, addiction, depression and love. It's a rare band that has you dancing to it.
Crocodyle's music has the wit of power pop, the drive of rock, the desolation of a ballad and the precision of a poem. There's a tremendous originality in the four-piece band’s sound and phrasing, always a surprising mix of intelligence and whimsy while articulating the otherwise, inexplicable.
Theirs are the songs of the generation who has inherited this churning, roiling world where introspection suffers from the blasts of social media.
Crocodyle has played in cities all over the US and toured the UK, making a stop in Ireland. Spotted at a small club in Dublin, they were invited to do two sets at Ireland's "Coachella”, Electric Picnic, headlined by Kendrick Lamar and The Prodigy.
Seeing them live, a band like the Shins comes to mind. Warm and endearing, truly embraceable, the music is catchy, it's fun, but ultimately, it's sincere. And Rittman's unique, vocal performance is richly expressive.

Hey Major.jpeg


HEY MAJOR is formed by the two multi-instrumentalist brothers, Mickaël and Raphaël Fortin.  Built on strong brit rock influences, the chemistry and history between these boys is audible from the first note, writing what they’ve coined to be “elegant rock.”    As teenagers in May 2015, the brothers won Canada’s Searchlight contest as “Best New Canadian Artist” among 3000 acts across the country and followed this accolade with a second-place finish at the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville a year later.   They’ve featured on CBC Music, NPR Radio and BBC Radio 1 and impressed with their performances in Canada, Australia and around the world.
Inspired by the best of Brit rock and pop, their debut album “The Station” highlighted Hey Major’s distinctive rock sound.   The songs burst to life with Mickaël’s pristine and emotional vocals, dynamic piano parts and Raphaël’s restrained and consoling drumming.   The duo is currently in studio with producer Jace Lasek recording their upcoming sophomore album.

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Still Eighteen is a very unique alt-rock band from Canada with a distinctive brand of rock – think David Bowie meets Pixies.
“Still Eighteen is an excellent, excellent band.” Steve Van Zandt’s Channel, SiriusXM
Still Eighteen includes former Platinum Blonde and Trixie Goes Hollywood frontman Joey as the lead vocalist and guitarist, alongside his wife Karen on drums and their daughter Samantha on bass and vocals.
"That’s right, they’re a family band. But if you’re expecting warm ’n’ fuzzy, sing-songy tunes, you can ditch that image — and replace it with one where Jack and Meg White of the White Stripes have a badass baby that grows up to join them. The family that plays together SLAYS together." - Darryl Sterdan of "Tinnitist" (former national music critic for Sun Media)
Or in the words of music blog, Noble Vybe: “Oh heck yes! We’ve seen bands composed of childhood friends, brothers and sisters. However, when you have a father, a mother and a daughter tearing the house down like Still Eighteen does, it’s quite the sight to see...”
Still Eighteen was fortunate to be able to finish their European tour just before the borders were closed in March 2020. They performed in Italy, Switzerland and Austria, headlining at some awesome venues! Still Eighteen is excited to return to perform in Europe in early 2022!
Still Eighteen shows are high calibre as demonstrated by the band being chosen out of thousands of artists to perform a 50-minute set of their originals at a music festival ft. Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Billy Idol, and other legends.



Jon Hines is a singer-songwriter, blues and jazz guitar musician writing songs about love, loss, travel, nature and life. Having the opportunity to showcase his talent and songwriting abilities for international touring acts, Jon has toured across Canada after the release of his first full length album, “Wild Things Roam”. Touring is part of the journey, and having the opportunity to see this great country is a privilege. Most recently, traveling from west coast to east coast via train, using the opportunity to work on writing and pictures, video blogging. Jon was asked to showcase his new album “Wild Things Roam” on Halifax’s morning show CTV. Shortly after he released his album, Jon released a new single titled, “Everybody Knows Umbrellas Cost More in The Rain” where he was asked to perform again on CTV morning show. Opening with acts, Jesse Roper, Daniel Champagne and Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies. Jon had a song featured in an international songwriting competition, with out of 19,000 song entries worldwide it advanced into the semi finals. 
Jon was selected as an official artist for “Black Mountain Thumb Picks” based out of Vancouver BC. “BMP” asked Jon to make a video for the announcement, the video streamed 300k times worldwide. 



The Dead Minutes are Wade Fralic (vocals), Joey Fiander (guitar), Jason Calder (bass). Officially formed in 2017, The Dead Minutes made their debut at the July 29th Maritime Metal and Hard Rock Festival’s band battle. Their passion for the music, professionalism and showmanship took the judges by surprise and earned The Dead Minutes an unexpected 1st place and a guaranteed prime slot at the 2018 MMHRF.
August 3rd 2018 tDM won the Halifax division of the 2018 Road to Indie Week, and performed in several showcases during Toronto’s Indie Week.
Although their roots are embedded mostly in heavier genres it’s not difficult to hear the range of The Dead Minutes’ musical influence through their latest singles and/or watching the passion and energy unfold on the stage before you.
Currently based out of the South Shore of Nova Scotia, The Dead Minutes are actively paying dues, playing shows, writing, recording, releasing music, networking and reaching out to listeners. Thriving on the love of music, the emotions it sparks and the memories that are created & restored, The Dead Minutes define their success by personal happiness.
Since tDM’s debut in 2017 the band has experienced a plume of overwhelming positivity from the local scene with amazing feedback and support from both artists and listeners.



“I’ve always connected with artists whose voices resonate; you can feel it in your body. That is what I’ve
always wanted to be.”

With a confident voice and boundless energy, Celeigh Cardinal owns a stage connecting deeply with her
audience through humour, passion and love. Whether sweetly strumming an acoustic guitar or leading
her band in a rocking rave-up, she commands our attention. Her singing is rich and deep with a
burnished maturity and a nimble technical virtuosity that wraps itself around notes with a purr, a snarl
or something in the middle. Her songs are authentic and heartfelt and connect us to the healing power
of music. Cardinal has received many accolades and nominations for her two full-length albums, but
most notably was awarded the 2020 Juno Award for Indigenous Artist of the Year and recently received
two 2020 Western Canadian Music Award Nominations.

MYTH Pax Shot 21.JPG


MYTH are a four-piece alternative rock band from Dublin. Their music consists of low-end rhythmic harmonies, fat- back beats and haunting vocal melodies. Over the past 2 years the band have been tearing up Ireland’s Alt-Rock scene selling out numerous shows in different venues including The Workman’s Club , The Underground & Whelan’s. Having released their self-titled debut EP in 2020 the band received critical acclaim from numerous media outlets across Ireland, UK, and Europe. Their Most recent release Oh, La perfectly sums up what the band are trying to produce within their sound & the music video has been nominated for an MMV award. Currently, they are in the process of working on their highly anticipated second EP and are waiting for a rescheduled date for their sold out Dublin show in The Button Factory . always looking for new and innovative ways to improve their industry.

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